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We are the premier traditional Korean Martial Arts School in the Philadelphia Area. Under the instruction of Grand Master Bong Pil Yang, we have been in North Wales for over 35 years. At Yang's Martial Arts School, we practice Sun Moo Do, which combines the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Kung Jung Moo Sul, Gumdo, Meditation and Ki Training. Grand Master Yang has always believed in the balance of martial arts training: The“hard” and the “soft” as well as the spiritual elements of his art. Grand Master Yang’s focus on the balance between mind and body ensures that each student becomes a complete person and martial artist.






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August 2020

Student Nathan Hong performing Song Gum sword pattern



December 2019

Grand Master Yang has been dedicated more than 5 years of great effort and planning to construct a Peace Park and Korean War Memorial in Montgomery Township. He is excited to announce that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 30, 2020. Watch for further details

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What Our Student's Say

I go to YMAS to train with fellow students who are passionate about Martial Arts... training with other students helps me to improve... and I learn the importance of control.
To me Martial Arts means self improvement, self control, and enjoying what I learn. Martial Arts will be a part of my life for a very long time.
Emily Hong , 12 Years Old
I come to YMAS because it teaches me to set the example. It also teaches me to be more confident. When I am teaching junior belts I am not quiet and shy, but I am more serious and confident.
Angela YI , 14 Years Old
There is a mental aspect and spirituality that expands the horizons of the mind that I did not believe was there.
Joseph Brendemuch , 17 Years Old
YMAS is important to me because I would know what to do if someone attacked me. Going to the school keeps me healthy in mind and body.
Andrew Ramirez , 10 Years Old
YMAS is a place where I can train both my mind and body. It is a school where I can teach other students. From teaching others I learn leadership skills.
After regular classes I go to demo class. It is like regular class, but I learn how to push myself harder both physically and mentally, so later in life, whenever something seems hard, I can overcome it and any other obstacles.
Nathan Hong , 15 Years Old