About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Under the instruction of Grand Master Bong Pil Yang, we have been in the Lansdale/North Wales area for over 34 years. Grand Master Yang has been training in Martial Arts for over 50 years. At Yang's Martial Arts School, we practice Sun Moo Do, which combines the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Kung Jung Moo Sul, Gumdo, Meditation and Ki Training.

Our goal is to train each of our students with the hope of reaching their true mental, physical, and spiritual potential. Our students reach a level of self confidence and awareness that is only attainable through Martial Arts taught by a true Grand Master. Many of our techniques have been handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. It is this belief in the next generation that makes Yang's Martial Arts School stand apart.

Why Us?

We Teach Multiple Disciplines

Yang's Martial Arts School specializes in Sun Moo Do, which is a style of martial arts that includes:

Tae Kwon Do - Traditional Korean Martial Art with a focus on linear movement and techniques primarily consisting of kicks and punches.

Hap Ki Do - A soft style martial art using soft, flowing movements used to redirect and harmonize with an opponents movements.

Kung Jung Mu Sul - Traditionally the secret style of the Korean Imperial Palace and Royal Family.

Judo - Literally meaning “gentle way” Ju Do is a grappling system based on redirection of an opponents energy.

Meditation and Ki Training - Meditation and Ki training go hand in hand. Meditation calms the mind and body while Ki training develops ones ability to manipulate and focus the energy within the body.

Weapons - We train in the use of Martial Arts weapons to increase concentration, coordination, self-defense skills, and flexibility.

Over 50 Years of Training and Experience

Grand Master Yang has been training in Martial Arts since the age of 13 in his native Korea. Many of the principles and teachings from Master Yang have been handed down over hundreds of years from Grand Masters and Great Masters. All of our instructors are Third Dan Black Belts or higher and have been at Master Yang's for seven or more years!

Challenge The Mind Not Just The Body

Any Martial Arts program can improve your physical being, but only a traditional one can bring mental balance, self confidence, awareness, and a respect of ones self and others. We emphasize the impact each of us have on our communities and to apply our teachings to everyday life.

Owner / Founder

Since arriving in the United States, Grand Master Yang has strived to help his community, from helping senior citizens and handicapped children to raising money for the bulletproof vests for the local police. Read More

Our Team

Ronald Lejman
Master Instructor

Currently a Third Dan Black Belt, Ron is very serious and motivated in his training, and in fact in all of his endeavors. Read More

Dr. John Hubbard
Senior Instructor

Currently a Third Dan Black Belt, John joined Yang’s Martial Arts School as a green belt in April 2005. John internalizes Grand Master Yang’s focus on the core principles. Read More

Eric Brasch
Senior Instructor

Currently a Third Dan Black Belt, Eric truly exhibits his philosophy that “so much is possible through positive energy, goal setting, and hard work.” Read More

Troy Dougherty

I enjoy teaching classes, especially children. I love to see the self confidence and strength that even the most shy and introverted child gains through training in martial arts. Read More

Andy McCulley

Currently a 1st Dan Black Belt, Andrew has been training in Martial Arts for over twenty years with the last five years at Yang's Martial Arts School. Read More