November Calendar

November 16th    Cleaning Day    12:00 pm
November 22nd    Rank (Belt) Test    5:00 pm -8:00 pm
November 30th    Black Belt Club Meeting    12:00pm

Happy Birthday to Students Celebration in November

Eric Brash, Ewan Funk, David Kolar, Allison Wishnov, Mei Li Marcucci, David Hartranft, Diego Nehron, Eiline Lee, Shubhang Srikoti

A Special Happy Birthday on November 5th to Grandmaster Yang!

Things to Know

1. To understand yourself through training of mind and body.

2. To perfect a code of good conduct of principles.

3. To respect your parents and your elders, and honor your friends and those younger and of less rank.

4. To devote yourself to your country and to love your country.

Results of the 18th Black belt Ceremony

On Sunday, October 20th, Yang’s Martial Arts School held its 18th Black Belt Ceremony. This year 21 students received their 1st Dan Black Belts, 3 received their 2nd Dan Black Belts, one received a 3rd Dan Black Belt and one a 4th Dan Black Belt. After the traditional ceremony a dinner was held to celebrate with family, friends and fellow students. Congratulations to all of these students on their hard work and dedication.

A Special Thank You

We would like to extend a thank you to members of the Black Belt Club, students, and parents for helping organize, set up and clean up for the Black Belt Ceremony.

We extend a special thank you to Karl Kraus, John Hubbard, and Black Belt Club President Ron Lejman for their extra efforts for this very special day.

Honorary Black Belt Presentation

Pennsylvania State Representative Thomas Murt received an honorary black belt at the recent Black Belt Ceremony. State Representative Kate Harper accepted the black belt from Grand Master Yang on behalf of Representative Murt as he was unable to attend the ceremony.

Special Recognition for Grandmaser Yang

At the Black Belt Ceremony State Representative Kate Harper and Senator Daylin Leach presented Grand Master Yang a certificate of recognition for his hard work and leadership in sponsoring the 11th Annual Cultural Day held in September. It was pointed out that this year was especially important as over 390 Korean War Veterans were honored for their brave service.

Black Belt Recipients

Nathan Hong (4th Dan), Turner Herbein (3rd Dan), Corrine Dragwa, Joseph Clark, Aarush Hatti (2nd Dan), Troy Dougherty, Julian Ma, France Orong, Sarahma Jacob, Cahn K. Kim, McKewan Funk, Thomas Bautista, Martin Cioppi, Chase Gambol, Siddharth Poreddy, Andrew McCulley, Howard Reid, Atharv Awasthi, Christopher Szczech, Adrian Mehdi Lariani, Daniel Li, Paul Colgan, Owen Felbin, Dylan Turano, Charles Bautista, and Dylan Reid (1st Dan)

Red Belt Recipients

Flynn Dougherty, Christine Ma, Owen Brasch, Prednesh Thoppay, Mary Lauman, Sophia Yeh, Nathan Bautista, Hannah Kang, Michael Rzepka, Robin Lauman, Javier Gonzalez, Joseph Ahn, Nathan Reyes, Tahnum Meenaral, Samual Yu, Kevin Tiet, Michael Marquis, Colin Meehan, Jeff Robinson, Ernest Yeh, and Elizabeth Sefen.